Hey there, Iā€™m Davison. Just a boy from Little Rock, Arkansas.

Davison, 24-year-old Arkansas native is known for his voice, style but most of all his warm presence. 

Davison auditioned for Emmy-Award Winning NBC's TheVoice in June 2017. Out of 40,000 people that auditioned, Davison was chosen among the top 48. 

Elated and utterly grateful for the opportunity, Davison strategically put his all into his blind audition and advanced to the battle rounds, where he was eliminated. 

Davison moved back to his hometown, Little Rock, Arkansas to perform at local events in the city and spread his gift until the next "BIG" opportunity presented itself. 

Shortly after, Davison was asked to be a headliner for one of Arkansas' biggest music festivals. RiverFest, presented by Oaklawn Gaming returned to Little Rock in 2018. The three-day festival features performers 

Davison was also afforded the opportunity to perform at the 2018 Annual Walmart Shareholders Meeting. 

Davison wants his loyal fans and followers to continue to support his journey, "I am not any less of who I was before I left.'" said NBC TheVoice contestant. 


I'm a creator.

-D A V I S O N


Much love,